What is endurance?

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Long distances

Endurance is riding long distances with your horse over marked routes (GPS or with colored ribbons) of between 20 and a maximum of 160 kilometers in a day.

CEI3* 160km Abu Dhabi Kabila

Rider & Horse

Both rider and horse must be fit to cover these distances. The horse is checked every 30km by a vet for heart rate, locomotion, turgor, muscles, gut sounds and more. The rider's task is to properly guide the horse on the (technical) routes. The riders must also be fit enough for this!

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The crewteam helps the rider and horse along the way by, among other things, providing cooling and drinking water. The crewteam also takes care of the horse in the vetgate together with the rider. Think of massaging, preparing food, preparing things for the next loop, washing the horse etc.

To finish is to win

Getting your horse across the finish line healthy and fit, that’s what endurance is all about.

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